Volume 15, No.146, May 2010


Environment needs vision before money (editorial by Najib Saab) 10

When hell opened in Iceland     18

Recycling electronic wastes: a health and environment hazard (cover story) 26

Conservation agriculture: the Lebanese experience 29

Alexandria Dialogue: scarce water, rising seas 30

Africa’s food basket covered by sand desertification in Sudan 40

Comeback of pandanus trees to Oman 42

Discover the Blue Mountains Emirates’ Wolgan Valley Resort and Spa in Australia 46

Futuristic design for Abu Dhabi’s roads  48

Impacts of desalination plants on the environmen    50

Top eco-investors       55

Peruvians harvest the fog   56

Brad Pit’s floating house protected against floods   58

Sierra Leone’s diamonds and Liberia’s timber victims of conflict  70

Impact of global warming on water resources in the MENA region forum of the German-Arab Scientific Society in LAU-Byblos

Letters 8 – AFED’s school competition: water management in schools 23 – Environment in a month 12 – UNEP news 24 – New science 60 – Environment market 66 – Calendar 68