News reports are taken from an approximately bi-weekly survey of the following English language sources:


Asharq Alawsat (Saudi Arabia)

Daily Star (Lebanon)

Haaretz (Israel)

Jerusalem Post (Israel)

Jordan Times (Jordan)

Ma’an News Service (most detailed Palestinian news service)

Syrian Times (Syria)

YNET [Yedidot Ahronot] (Israel)

WAFA (official Palestinian Authority site)


EcoPeace / Friends of the Earth

Greenpeace – Mediterranean


Bitter Lemons

Bitter Lemons International

Common Ground News Service

IRIN (UN news service): Middle East

EU Neighbourhood info centre

Some of these sources assign a higher priority to reporting about the environment and are much more represented in the postings.  Over time, Haaretz, the Jerusalem Post and the Jordan Times have been the most common sources used.

Ecopeace / Friends of the Earth Middle East issues a monthly summary of its activities as an “Environmental Peacebuilding” listserve.