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Professor Stuart Schoenfeld is chair of the sociology department, Glendon College, York University.  He is affiliated with the York University Institute for Research on Innovation and Sustainability, the York University Centre for International and Security Studies, and the Glendon School of International and Public Affairs.  He has presented and published papers on the efforts to promote regional environmentalism that developed during the Arab-Israeli “Peace Process” in the 1990 and continue to be active.  He is on the board of Friends of the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies.

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Itay Greenspan is a lecturer at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, School of Social Work and Social Welfare. He has been following and documenting developments related to the environment in the Middle East for the past ten years, focusing primarily on Israeli and Palestinian environmentalism. He completed his PhD at the University of Pennsylvania in 2012, focusing on the Israeli environmental movement and its links to philanthropic foundations.  A native Israeli, he is a graduate of the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies (2002), and holds degrees in Geography (Hebrew University, 2001) and Environmental Studies (York University, MES, 2005).

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