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Euro-Mediterranean Information System on the know-how in the Water Sector
EMWIS is a program of the Union for the Mediterranean.
For further information:
Monthly Flash produced by the EMWIS Technical Unit- OIEAU, CEDEX, SOGESID-
It is available in English, French & Arabic.
(French & Arabic versions are available few days later)

In this issue N°80 (
1- Union for the Mediterranean: After the failure of the IVth Euro-Mediterranean Ministerial Conference on Water – for’UM of Marseille
2- UfM Summit postponed to ensure ‘complete success’, Egypt, France and Spain insist
3- EU Ministers take note of preparations for UfM food and agriculture conference
4- InfraMed Infrastructure: new UfM investment fund targets €1 billion commitments
5- Meetings between HE the Secretary General of the UfM and the President of EMUNI
6- WANA Forum 2010; 16-18 May 2010: Pursuing Supranational Solutions to the Challenges of Carrying Capacity
7- OECD workshop: Improving the water information base in the Mediterranean countries
8- AFD: 2.4 billion euros in 2009 to fight against climate change
9- France: A world water cluster for PACA region
10- Tunisia: Mountain dams in remote Tunisian districts
11- The Tunisian water legend introduced to teenagers
12- Morocco, Tunisia Seal Several Cooperation Agreements, including drinking water & environment sectors
13- Morocco: Oum Er Rbia Basin Irrigated Agriculture Modernization Project
14- Morocco: HM The King enquires about Oujda Liquid Sanitation Program
15- Lebanon: General Directorate of Hydraulic and Electric Resources (GDHER) has signed partnership agreements with EMWIS and OIEAU
16- Jordan: Auja Farmers struggle to get their water rights
17- Egypt: Irrigation Innovations in the Nile Delta
18- Cyprus: BEL wins pressure-vessel order
19- Israel’s giant Hadera desalination plant inaugurated
20- River Jordan to fall dry next year: will it be cooperation or riparian suicide ?
21- Water demand predicted in Abu Dhabi for the next 20 years
22- Saudi Natl Water launched water and wastewater projects
23- ESA’s SMOS water mission goes live