Jewish National Fund seeks to raise $1 million to replace over 300,000 trees destroyed last week.

On Tuesday, June 29, forest fires raged across Israel, destroying over 300,000 trees and burning over 750 acres of forested and open areas. Arson is suspected in many cases, and conditions worsened due to Israel’s severe heat wave.

A Jewish National Fund spokesperson said that it marked the single largest day of fires in Israel since the 2006 war with Hezbollah, and that it would take 50 years to restore the forests.

JNF said it was determined to do everything it could to help the reforestation efforts and has launched an emergency relief campaign that focuses on all aspects of the reforestation efforts – clean-up, upgrading equipment, and replanting trees that were destroyed in the fires.

JNF has planted more than 240 million trees since 1901 to protect the land, green the landscape and preserve vital ecosystems. As Israel’s national foresters, the organization says, it is our direct responsibility to take action and lead the way toward the recovery from this terrible crisis.

JNF hopes to raise $1 million to help reverse the damage done by the forest fires and restore Israel’s forests not only to the way they were, but even larger and more beautiful than before.