Current government serves up tap water to ministers during meetings instead of bottled mineral water

Itamar Eichner
Published: 08.03.10, 07:29 / Israel Activism

The current administration goes with the flow when it comes to drinking water, and, starting Sunday, is serving up tap water during cabinet meetings instead of bottled mineral water.

The move was decided upon by Cabinet Secretary Zvi Hauser with the objective of proving to the people of Israel that the country’s tap water is fit for drinking. However, the move is an initiative of the Forum of Water Corporations, which claims that tap water is significantly less expensive than bottled water.

“Beyond being a waste of public money, this habit displays a lack of trust in tap water, for which the government itself is responsible, which in fact is clean, healthy and for which there is no impediment to drinking it,” wrote Forum Chairman David Kochmeister to Hauser. “The cabinet must lead by example for the citizens of Israel and show faith in its institutions that work day in and day out to ensure the supply of quality water to the citizens of the country.”

Hauser agreed with him and thus announced that the cabinet will start drinking tap water instead of mineral water.

“For many years, they would serve bottled water. There is a lot of logic in the Forum of Water Corporation’s request,” said Hauser. “The ministers need to be an example. The moment they drink mineral water, this can be interpreted as a lack of faith in the quality of the drinking water from the tap, and this is not the case. This is done without harming the mineral water producers.”

“We will make an effort serve the water in pitchers. If there is demand for mint and lemon, we will add it,” said Hauser, noting that the transition to tap water will also significantly cut costs as the ministerial committee will also move to tap water.

Hauser is also responsible for instituting a healthy menu of vegetables, fruits, granola and yogurt during cabinet meetings, replacing the more fattening fare of puffed pastries. The move helped many of the ministers to shed some extra weight.,7340,L-3927940,00.html