Wednesday, September 15, 2010

BEIRUT: Civil Defense and Lebanese Army personnel succeeded on Tuesday in extinguishing a fire that broke out in Daraya two days earlier.

The state-run National News Agency (NNA) reported that efforts to quench the Daraya fire were finally successful. The blaze started on Sunday in the woodland separating the Chouf villages of Daraya, Baakilne and al-Jahiliya.

“A Lebanese Army helicopter was used and a great number of army members were called for reinforcement,” the NNA said. “The soldiers didn’t leave the area for three consecutive days.”

Firefighting efforts were helped with the creation of a plastic lake at the top of Hasrout hill. Civil Defense members stored water in the container which was then transported to the fire site by the army helicopter.

On Monday, a series of fires ravaged through thousands of square meters of forests across the country. The army reported a total of 165 acres of Lebanese forest had been destroyed by the blazes.

Civil Defense director Darwish Hobeika said three quarters of the fires were manmade and complained that there was a lack of personnel and equipment. However, the particularly hot summer was thought to have hasted the expansion of the flames.