Volume 15, No.151, October 2010
4 The road to Cancun (editorial by Najib Saab)
16 Poisons in your cosmetics (cover story)
24 Parting the waters conflicts on Jordan River
28 Sand storms in the Arabian Peninsula ROPME Report
32 Sports for life activities of Qatar’s Olympic committee
34 Impact of global warming on water resources in the Middle East and North Africa (symposium of the German-Arab scientific forum for environmental studies
30 Moroccan villagers adapt to a changing climate
32 USEK heads towards a sustainable carbon neutral university
44 Al-Turaif District in Saudi Arabia UNESCO world heritage site
48 Shark or man, who is the monster?
52 Islam sustains the environment ( by Prince Charles)
54 NATO’s strikes on the Balkan environment
56 Death by arsenic polluted wells in Bangladesh
70 Environment between disasters and wars