By Mohammad Ghazal

AMMAN – A new initiative to raise awareness among university students on the need to preserve the environment and limit the use of water and energy will be implemented before the end of the year, the EDAMA Association announced Thursday.

The initiative, dubbed “EDAMA University”, will be implemented in several universities and in schools at a later stage, EDAMA Association CEO Nasser Majali said in a press meeting on Thursday.

During the meeting, Minister of State for Media Affairs and Communications Ali Ayed stressed the importance of public-private partnerships in addressing challenges facing the energy and water sectors in the Kingdom as well as the environment.

The minister, highlighted the challenges facing Jordan, which imports 96 per cent of its energy needs, pointing to the potential of using solar and wind energy for power generation in the country.

EDAMA Association representatives at the meeting highlighted the key role the public plays in rationalising the use of energy and water, and preserving the environment.

Raouf Dabbas, adviser to Minister of Environment Hazem Malhas, said the Kingdom can save up to JD1.375 billion a year if energy efficiency measures are used in all sectors including homes and transportation.

The EDAMA Association was formed to implement the action plan of the EDAMA initiative, supported by USAID-Jordan Economic Development Programme (SABEQ).

The initiative seeks innovative solutions for energy and water independence and their positive reflection on the environment, according to EDAMA.