First store opens next to arch-rival.
By Adi Dovrat-Meseritz

The Super-Sol supermarket chain has ventured into natural food retailing, under the name Super-Sol Green. The first branch of the new retailing format, which opened a few days ago inside the Super-Sol Deal branch in Ra’anana, is a store within a store. It is only about 500 meters – right across a parking lot from a Mega supermarket in which a branch of natural food retailer Eden Teva Market recently opened.
Super-Sol Green , David Bachar

On the left, the new Super-Sol Green outlet, next door to Eden Market.
Photo by: David Bachar

The Super-Sol Green department at the Ra’anana Super-Sol Deal has about 1,500 products for sale over about 90 square meters of floor space. It features health foods, organic products, wine and cheeses and special gluten-free products.

Super-Sol plans on opening three additional Super-Sol Green locations in the center of the country by the end of the year. These will be supplemented in the next two years by similar natural food departments at other Super-Sol Deal branches and at Super-Sol Big locations.

Arch-rival Blue Square, which does business as Mega, owns a 51% stake in Eden Teva Market and announced in 2009 that it would begin opening Eden Teva locations at its larger stores, Mega and Mega Bool. Its first store within a store is in Ra’anana, virtually opposite Super-Sol Green. While Super-Sol Green departments will range in size between 90 and 200 square meters, Eden Teva Market departments at Mega stores are 450 square meters in area.

Super-Sol’s natural food venture is a foray into a sector characterized by high profit margins. The chain is pursuing a model that is widespread abroad in which organic food is sold primarily from regular supermarkets. In Britain, for example, 80% of organic food is sold by the major supermarket chains.