By Khetam Malkawi

AMMAN – More than 300 chemists will convene at the Dead Sea on Wednesday to discuss contemporary issues in their field and to provide young scientists with the opportunity to meet top chemists from around world.

The 11th Eurasia Conference on Chemical Sciences (EuAsC2S-11) is being held in an Arab country for the first time and will host three Nobel laureates in chemistry, according to the conference’s secretary general Amal Aboudi.

She told a press conference on Monday that the five-day event will cover many issues, including renewable energy and environmental chemistry, with plenary lectures and oral presentations on 20 scientific topics that involve issues of concern to Jordan such as energy, water and natural resources.

The main aim of the conference, however, is to give young researchers the chance to meet prominent scientists and make contacts that will help them in their work, according to Bernd-Michael Rode, founding member and chair of the EuAsC2S-11 international organising committee.

He said the idea behind organising this conference is to hold it in a developing country to allow local researchers to meet prominent scientists.

“Most of the scientific conferences take place in developed countries; therefore it was difficult for graduates from developing countries to join these conferences,” Rode told reporters yesterday.

“Through conducting these conferences, we found out that some poor countries are usually poor in money, but rich in human resources and talent, and such conferences provide them with the chance to meet the world’s top scientists,” he added.

He invited young Jordanian researchers to attend the conference and look for opportunities to communicate with prominent scientists.

Launched in 1986 under the supervision of an international committee of chemists, the conference takes place every two years, according to organisers.