11/30/2010 04:06

Security services contact Parks Authority to pave road through sand dune in order to provide more security for prime minister.

The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI) sent a letter to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Sunday asking him not to allow an access road to be paved from his Caesarea home to Route 2 through a nature reserve.

In the letter, SPNI wrote that it had come to their attention that the security services had contacted the Nature and Parks Authority recently about paving the road through the Carob Caesarea nature reserve – a small sand dune reserve on the outskirts of the neighborhoods of Caesarea.

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On the edge of the forest

The apparent reason for the road would be to provide more security for the prime minister.

SPNI urged Netanyahu to think of the long-term damage.

“It is important to remember that the access road is intended for use during a temporary period, whereas the damage to the reserve will be forever,” the organization wrote.

It also noted that the reserve had already been reduced because of the creation of the Or Akiva junction to the south and the construction on the edge of Jisr e-Zarka on the north.

SPNI also wrote that it was sure there was some other alternative that would answer the security needs adequately.

The Prime Minister’s Office responded, “The issue is being weighed by the security services and no decision has yet been made. The prime minister is not involved in this issue and any decision which is made, if at all, will adhere to the law and be done in coordination with all of the relevant parties.”