The Israeli water Management master plan- management policy of the effluent system in Israel – full report of the SNI water forum, by Avi Shaviv, Miki Zaide, Tal Goldrath, 2010.

Three main issues were discussed during the one-day seminar, in compliance with the water authority master plan work frames: 1) Effluent quality at the treatment plant exit and the principles of quality policies. 2) Grey water and home treatment facilities. 3) The future of the SHAFDAN and geographical spread of treatment plants. A full Hebrew report of the lectures and discussions, including recommendations regarding the implementation of the seminar products and conclusions.

Solar Air conditioning Systems in Israel -Summary and recommendation of the SNI 18th energy forum. Gershon Grossman, Tal Goldrath, 2010

Israel has one of the highest air conditioning users in the world, With over 280 days of sun per year, and air conditioning of public building of over 300 days per year. In light of the experience gained over the years with water heating solar systems, it will be wise to check the technological and economical feasibility of the solar energy use for air conditioning systems. A success in this area can lead to a substantial reduction of energy costs for the end user and a wide implementation of this technology can reduce Israel’s dependence on fuel import and suspend the need for new power stations.  See document here