Expressions of interest are requested by 15 February, 2011; Papers July 2011

Papers are requested for a special issue of the Journal for the Study of Religion, Nature & Culture (JSRNC) on “Religion and Climate Change” and a possible book. Anthropogenic climate change is among the most significant and far-reaching social issues of our time. Although climate scientists are near unanimous about potentially catastrophic consequences, mobilizing a meaningful response has proven to be a real challenge. Numerous statements on climate change by faith-based actors and institutionalized religious groups have occurred in recent years. However, far less research has been published about actually existing faith-shaped action by religious institutions, groups and individuals.

Papers that draw on case studies or other social scientific methodologies to examine the intersection of religion and climate change are sought for the special issue of the journal. Depending on the response, we may also pursue book publication. Papers may address the topic on scales ranging from global to local, and from any social science discipline, including but not limited to sociology, geography, history, cultural studies, native studies, anthropology, political science, and religious studies. The special issue also aims for geographical and religious diversity. See the detailed description at

Interested scholars should send a 200-500 word prospectus for a paper contribution, along with a short biography up to 150 words (may include a website link if available) to the editors listed below. Please send expressions of interest by 15 February 2011. In paper proposals please describe the methodological approach you would expect to take and the argument(s) likely to be advanced. Potential authors will be contacted by the end of February.

Randolph Haluza-DeLay,
Associate Professor, Sociology
The King’s University College, Edmonton, Alberta
Editor: Speaking for Ourselves: Environmental Justice in Canada and 3 journal special issues on environmental justice and cultural politics of sustainability.

Andrew Szasz
Professor, Sociology
University of California-Santa Cruz
Author of EcoPopulism: Toxic Waste and the Movement for Environmental Justice and of Shopping Our Way to Safety.

Robin Globus
Assistant Editor, Journal for the Study of Religion, Nature and Culture
The University of Florida

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