Expected light rain comes after what many consider as Israel’s driest autumn in recorded history.
By Asaf Shtull-Trauring

A slight sign of optimism and hope in the fight against the wildfire that has been ravaging Israel’s north since Thursday is expected later Sunday, as forecasts say rain is expected to fall on large parts of Israel, following a month-long drought.

A cold front is expected to pass over Israel on Sunday night, bringing with it a sharp drop in temperatures, mainly in the mountainous regions, and the formation of rain clouds, weatherman Tzachi Waxman of Meteotech said.

Monday will see more local rain, with mild to strong western winds. However, Waxman said, the front will not be “a winter system, but one with autumnal characteristics.”

The Meteotech weatherman added that Tuesday and Wednesday are both expected to be rainless, with temperatures to rise again, adding that a more significant weather system could come in as soon as Saturday.

November saw absolutely no rain, with a drought that experts say covers the entire eastern Mediterranean region.