Water security, namely the ability of governments to secure a sustainable water supply for their populations, is becoming increasingly questionable in the Levantine countries of the Middle East. Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Turkey, the Occupied Palestinian Territories and Israel not only share a history of conflict but also a challenging, mostly arid climate, and scarce water resources in comparison to the levels of consumption.

The Finnish Institute of International Affairs has published a report titled Managing Blue Gold. It is a multidisciplinary endeavour to understand the present dynamics and shed light on the future challenges of water security in this part of the Middle East. Through five case studies and three thematic chapters, the report illustrates the complexity and multi-dimensionality of the region’s water issue. It argues that sound water management policies, as well as multi-stakeholder engagement and enhanced transboundary cooperation are urgently needed.

To view and download the publication, please visit: http://www.upi-fiia.fi/en/publication/154/managing_blue_gold/

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