1 Lessons from China (editorial by Najib Saab)
6 Tips for a natural bedroom
20 Trans-boundary water resources in the Arab region (cover story)
28 How the Cancun summit was saved
36 Morocco’s combat against climate change ( by Amina Benkhadra, minister of environment)
38 Seawater intrusion: would it drive Lebanon to desalination?
40 Raising strictly male cattle and mount animals in rural Tunisia
50 Wild wonders of Butinah Island in Abu Dhabi
54 New species discovered in the Heart of Borneo
58 Organic agriculture in Morocco
60 Playing for a greener future (9th world conference on sports and the environment in Doha)
64 Deadliest six pollutants in the world (Blacksmith Institute and Green Cross report)
67 Gorilla tourism in Rwanda
68 Clean cheap energy from rice husks in the Philippines
72 Rising seas: Panama’s islanders flee to mainland
74 The dark side of huge dams
75 Algeria taps electricity from the sun