By Hana Namrouqa

AMMAN – The Jordan Water Company (Miyahuna) is calling on residents of hilly neighbourhoods across the capital to install ground-level water tanks to boost their water supply.

With the Miyahuna call centre receiving some 545 complaints each week regarding weak water supply, the company has launched an initiative to provide subscribers with free of charge installation for ground water tanks and pumps.

Under the initiative, subscribers who purchase new tanks and pumps will have them installed at no charge by Miyahuna teams.

“Water supply in the capital’s networks relies on gravity, and there is not enough pressure in the pipes to push the water up to the tanks… around 45 per cent of people are not aware of this fact or of the importance of installing ground water tanks,” Jumana Ayed, head of Miyahuna’s communication and water awareness department, told The Jordan Times on Monday.

Abu Alanda, Tabarbour, Sweileh, Abu Nuseir, Jubeiha, Dahyet Al Amir Hassan and Dahyet Al Haj Hassan are among the neighbourhoods where residents would be wise to install water tanks and pumps to address weak water supply, Ayed said.

The campaign, which was launched last week, will run through the end of the month, he added.

A recent survey carried out by Miyahuna showed that 45 per cent of subscribers reporting weak water pressure are not aware of the role ground water tanks and pumps can play in addressing the issue.

The survey results also revealed that 35 per cent are unwilling to install ground tanks and pumps because they do not have enough space or live in rented apartments, while 18 per cent said they would not consider changing their water storage system due to financial reasons.

Ayed noted that costs for purchasing a tank and pump range around JD200, while standard installation costs around JD30-JD35.