Randa Habib’s Corner
I think it is time to draw the attention more seriously about littering around here.

Littering with cans, bottles, plastic bags, cigarettes and diapers, particularly in the few forests we have, has become intolerable.

Why can’t people clean up?

Those who choose a forest on their days off, even in winter when the sun shines, are supposedly attracted to the beauty of nature. So how can they create a mess and litter so much?

In the summer, forests were damaged by fire caused by campers who were careless about their grill or cigarette butts. The result was the loss of tens of trees that were burned to the ground thanks to irresponsible people.

Severe penalties should be imposed on those who destroy the already rare forests. No leniency.

Obviously awareness should be raised from an early age.

It is time we start respecting nature, as well as the archaeological sites. After all, they represent the most important treasures of this country.

Camping places should be well-defined and fire making should be banned or restricted to certain areas, far from the trees.

Maybe people should start considering taking sandwiches on their picnics, since they obviously fail to clean up their mess after cooking.

A “hotline” should be made available to help those who care about the environment report any violations. We should not hesitate to do so.

So many of us are concerned about littering the forests. We end up cleaning other people’s mess just to be able to enjoy the freshness of nature. I wish, however, that we did not need to do so.