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Euro-Mediterranean Information System on the know-how in the Water Sector
EMWIS is a program of the Union for the Mediterranean.
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Monthly Flash produced by the EMWIS Technical Unit- OIEAU, CEDEX, SOGESID-
It is available in English, French & Arabic.
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In this issue N°86 (
1- Regional shared water resources database in the Arab Region, Damascus, Syria. (20-21/12/2010)
2- Towards a National Water Information System in Turkey, 15 December 2010
3- Union for the Mediterranean: ARLEM local and regional authorities discuss local water management, urban development and territorial dimension
4- The UfM Secretariat and EIB join forces to a concrete cooperation in the Mediterranean
5- Official website of the Secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean
6- EU Committee of the Regions (CoR) seeks input on sustainable water policies
7- Four priorities for the ENPI Regional Indicative Programme South, including: Environment, Water & Energy
8- EC: A new DG for Development and Cooperation: DG DEVCO, grouping DG EuropeAid and DG DEV
9- EU 2011 budget provides 9.3 per cent increase for ENPI programmes
10- Launch of UN-Water Activity Information system (UNW-AIS)
11- The 1st Arab Water Week, 5-9th December, 2010 (Amman)
12- International Seminar on Water, Energy and Environment, 1-3 March 2011 (Algiers)
13- FoEME: “Good Water Neighbors” Annual Regional Conference
14- France: Agreement Signed between ONEMA and the International Office for Water (OIEAU)
15- Spain: New Developments in the Integrated National Water Information System (SIA)
16- Spain: The Government plans to create a water observatory in Balearic Islands
17- Spain: Befesa awarded contracts to improve two supply systems
18- Israel: Extreme measures may be considered due to rainfall shortage
19- Egypt: Bank Financing for Irrigation
20- Libya: Italian project includes desalination plant
21- Jordan: US$28-million project for water reuse, environmental conservation in Amman
22- Syria: shared Waters resources
23- The Maghreb Ministerial Council for Water & Irrigation: Action plan for water resources management & developing a Maghreb Water Information System
24- Morocco and France: a fund to support decentralized cooperation
25- Algeria: Foreign companies responsible for water management experienced mixed results
26- Tunisia: New AFD loan for financing access to drinking water and natural resource management
27- Tunisia: Sewerage of Sidi Hassine now operational
28- Integrated water management in coastal areas and climate change in the Mediterranean
29- UNICEF announces 2011 Tap Water Project
30- Satellite data provide a new way to monitor groundwater in agricultural regions
31- Swiss company claims it can create rain
32- Global warming will make Mediterranean less salty