By Mohammad Ghazal

AMMAN – Last week’s rainfall slightly raised water levels in the Kingdom’s dams, which now hold 29.7 per cent of their total capacity of 325 million cubic metres (mcm), a water ministry official said on Sunday.

Rainfall from Monday to Friday channelled over 3mcm of water into the country’s major dams, including the Wihdeh Dam, according to Ministry of Water and Irrigation Assistant Secretary General and Spokesperson Adnan Zu’bi.

With last week’s precipitation, total rainfall registered since the beginning of the rainy season in December to date constituted 52 per cent of the long-term seasonal average of 8.3 billion cubic metres, compared to 55 per cent during the same period in 2010, he told The Jordan Times yesterday.

Meanwhile, it will be cold and partly cloudy today with scattered showers expected, and temperatures ranging between a high of 13ºC and a low of 4 ºC in Amman, according to the Jordan Meteorological Department (JMD) website.

On Tuesday, a slight drop in temperatures is forecast with chances for rain, while temperatures will reach a maximum of 12ºC during the day and drop to a minimum of 4ºC overnight, according to the JMD.