5 From Cancun to Durban (editorial by Najib Saab)
9 Diversifying power resources and national economy (by Suleiman Al-Herbish, director general of OFID)
18 Dioxin in eggs (cover story)
22 Four pioneers awarded Zayed international prize for environment
26 Towards a green economy and better environmental Governance (UNEP governing council and global ministerial environment forum in Nairobi)
28 Climate change impact on Lebanese farmers
30 Mediterranean dialogue on water
32 A trip to blue Nile
40 Barbary horses
44 New species discovered in Peru
48 Preparations for the 9th world conference on sports and the environment in Doha
51 Myths of wind power
52 The new scramble for Africa
57 Green ideas save companies millions of dollars
70 Forest fires