A report issued by the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) has revealed that the Gaza Strip is currently facing a “severe water crisis which constitutes a cause for concern”; particularly in light of the rising temperatures during the summer months.

According to the report issued on Wednesday, June 22, the water situation in Gaza is significantly deteriorating and volumes of available water are continuously shrinking as a result of the repeated Israeli attacks and destruction of the water networks infrastructure in the beleaguered sector.

The report included a call for the establishment of private desalination plants to take advantage of water from the Mediterranean Sea in an effort to offset the acute shortages as well as to halt the increased drilling of wells which deplete Gaza’s underground water reserves.

In a related context, the OIC referred to the suffering of Palestinian civilians in Gaza with regard to the electricity crisis and the constant power cuts warning of the implications of worsening crises experienced by Gaza’s residents as a result of the on-going five year Israeli siege.