Environment and Climate in the Middle East received several postings from SafeMed, an EU project. The cover letter and contact information is in this posting. Postings for Lebanon, Jordan and Israel follow.


I am writing to you from the Mediterranean island of Malta where SafeMed, a project funded by the European Union is based. As the name suggests, the project’s aim is to make the Mediterranean safer. Funding is being allocated to countries including Israel, Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey to help them all reach standards set out by various International Maritime Organization (IMO) conventions on maritime safety and pollution from shipping.

Field Missions, commissioned by SafeMed, have provided opportunities for in-depth assessments carried out by experts and providing country specific reports and appropriate solutions to specific challenges in
the field.

SafeMed funds a limited number of scholarships to the World Maritime University in Malmö, Sweden, and the IMO International Maritime Law Institute in Malta.

More information is available at www.safemedproject.org. Contact: Jonathan Pace, project officer at the Regional Marine Pollution Emergency Response Center for the Mediterranean Sea (REMPEC).