07/16/2011 10:09

US photographer asks for volunteers to take part in nude photo shoot at Dead Sea for project to raise int’l awareness over its receding water.
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American photographer Spencer Tunick has posted a registration for volunteers to participate in a photo shoot of nude Israelis at the Dead Sea.

Tunick, who has gained fame for taking photographs of crowds of naked people at sites around the world, is calling on Israelis to “Disrobe to Save the Dead Sea.”

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The installation, which is set for Sept. 17 at the Dead Sea, is being undertaken to raise international awareness of the condition of the Dead Sea, which is rapidly receding.

“I first visited the Dead Sea as a child back in 1979 and was always amazed by its buoyancy and beauty. When I returned for a visit in 2010 I was shocked to see how much the water had receded,” Tunick said in a statement. “This is a body of water that unites 3 different people — Israelis, Jordanians, and Palestinians. The environmental impact is alarming and through my work I hope to bring back life — showcasing the importance of water in this region and creating art with the naked human form that brings world attention to the need to save the Dead Sea.”

Tunick has said that he would like his naked subjects floating in the Dead Sea to be covered in its beneficial black mud.

He recently photographed 5,200 nude Australians on the steps of the Sydney Opera House, one of 75 locations at which he has taken nude photos of crowds.