AMMAN (JT) – The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCA-Jordan) has released an invitation for pre-qualification for contractors to undertake water and wastewater networks projects in Zarqa Governorate.

“The pre-qualification phase aims to identify competent companies capable of efficiently executing these projects according to the highest technical standards mandated by MCA-Jordan,” Chief Executive Officer Kamal Zoubi said in a press release received Wednesday from MCA-Jordan.

“After this phase, qualified applicants must submit their financial and technical offers provided that they demonstrate excellent financial capacity, past rich experience, as well as ability to meet meticulous technical, social and environmental requirements in addition to other pre-requisites that are detailed in the invitation to pre-qualification document that can be downloaded from MCA-Jordan’s website and Government Tenders Department’s website,” the press release added.

Zoubi indicated that the water network project will be tendered in three packages, the same for the wastewater network project to cover most of the areas in the cities of Zarqa and Ruseifa.

According to the chief executive officer, the objectives of the first project, water network project of $108 million, revolve around decreasing non-revenue water, restructuring and rehabilitating transmission and distribution networks of the water supply system in key areas of Zarqa Governorate, creating water supply areas, pressure zones, and district metering areas, constructing and upgrading existing reservoirs, pumping stations, and transmission lines, rehabilitating and constructing of primary, secondary, and tertiary pipelines, as well as replacing of some customer meters.

The second project, wastewater network project of $58 million, is concerned with reinforcing and constructing new main trunk lines, expanding the wastewater network to serve new areas, and filling gaps by connecting houses that are not served within served areas.

Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCA-Jordan) is the company responsible for managing and implementing the Millennium Challenge Corporation’s (MCC) grant to the government of Jordan. MCC is a United States government corporation established to work with developing countries to reduce global poverty through the promotion of sustainable economic growth. The government of Jordan signed with MCC a compact agreement of $275 million on October 25, 2010. MCA-Jordan was then established as a company fully owned by the government of Jordan to manage and implement the compact. MCC’s grant was completely allocated to tackle water and wastewater.