The project for optimised management of Waste in the Mediterranean (GODEM), implemented in the framework of the EU-funded programme CIUDAD, is holding its second seminar on Integrated Solid Waste Management in Lebanon on 19 and 20 September 2011 in Tripoli, Lebanon.

A press release said the seminar will highlight the concrete implementation steps Al Fayhaa (Tripoli) municipality has embarked on in the context of the GODEM project including improvements of the collection system, feasibility studies for a compost plant and a sanitary landfill, and promotion of a zero waste concept. Waste management policies in Lebanon will also be presented and discussed.

The seminar will be attended by Lebanese officials dealing with waste management, representatives of the private sector and  a delegation of the GODEM project partners from Rabat (Morocco), Sousse, Mahdia and Djerba (Tunisia) and in Europe. The event will conclude with a visit to the site of the sorting plant and to Tripoli Landfill.

The GODEM project for the optimization of waste disposal management, implemented with a budget of €692,979 under the CIUDAD programme, aims to help address the issue of waste management in the Mediterranean region by putting in place a permanent network for the exchange of information and experience on sustainable waste management between European and South Mediterranean local and regional authorities. It will also enhance the capacities of local partners to develop concrete waste management projects. The project is implemented in Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia.

CIUDAD runs from 2009 to 2012 and co-finances 21 local grant projects in the Neighbourhood’s South and East. The projects reflect the overall objective of CIUDAD and in particular the following themes:

• Environmental Sustainability and Energy Efficiency

• Sustainable Economic development and reduction of social disparities and

• Good governance and sustainable urban development planning.

Source: ENPI Info Centre

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