By Hana Namrouqa

AMMAN – The Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN) installed night vision cameras to monitor alleged new animal species in southern Ghor, according to officials.

The cameras were installed after local communities in Ghor Fifa and Ghor Safi claimed sighting new animals and expressed fear that they could be predators.

“In response, the society formed teams that installed cameras and carried out surveys of the area,” the head of the RSCN’s conservation and hunting regulation section, Mahdi Qatramiz, told The Jordan Times on Saturday.

Qatramiz said the society and members of the local community started monitoring wild animals in the area to study and identify their species and behaviour.

“The survey identified the animal species inhabiting the area and showed that they are all indigenous. No new animals were found,” stressed Qatramiz.

The teams recorded wild boars, hyenas, wolves and foxes, which are usually found in the Ghor, the RSCN head added.

“High-tech night vision cameras were also installed in different locations and around residential areas, but no strange or new animal species were seen,” the conservationist highlighted.

He also said that large numbers of stray dogs were recorded, especially near the area’s main landfill.

“The society started a campaign to combat the spread of stray dogs in south Ghor and launched another campaign to raise people’s awareness on how to protect themselves and their houses from stray animals,” Qatramiz said.

Under the awareness campaign, the RSCN will distribute pamphlets to raise residents’ awareness about the kinds of animals living in the area and inform them whether they are dangerous and how to deal with them.

“The society is keen on safeguarding people’s safety and does not prohibit killing or hunting stray animals if they attack houses or pose a direct threat to people’s lives. Therefore, the campaigns will continue to ensure that the area is free of strange and dangerous animals,” Qatramiz said.

He called on the public to report to the RSCN in case any unfamiliar animal species is sighted.