Between Sept. 26th and Oct. 2nd 2011, soon after the Permaculture tour in Palestine (Sept. 25-26th), which follows the IPC10 conference in Jordan (Sept. 16-24th), over Jewish New Year’s holiday, we will be travelling across Israel, visiting communities, PC projects, ecological farms & experts, with guidance in English.

You are welcome to enjoy, learn, support & meet:

  • Jews & Arabs cooperating in growing & distributing local healthy food, combining traditional & modern methods.
  • Ethiopian new immigrants integrating in a veteran neighborhood through hands-on activity.
  • Students from Israel, Palestine & Jordan learning & working together for a sustainable future.
  • People researching for ways of living in the desert, learning from ancient cultures that have succeeded to prosper, applying unique local solutions.
  • Religious & secular people meeting to work together, learn from traditional wisdom & exchange ideas.
  • Old Kibbutz systems turning into new thriving PC communities, learning from the past experience, and much more.

PC proves again that cooperation brings dialogue, understanding & peace between people & cultures.

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