By Muath Freij

AMMAN – The Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) has rehabilitated four of its public parks under an initiative launched last month that ultimately aims to renovate every park in the capital.

The initiative was launched following several complaints from Jordanians about the lack of facilities in some public parks and the need for maintenance, according to Nebal Qattan, the director of GAM’s public parks department.

“We received several phone calls from residents complaining that public parks lack playgrounds and they asked us to carry out maintenance work, so GAM developed the initiative and began implementing it last month,” he told The Jordan Times over the phone yesterday.

Qattan indicated that the long-term renovation project targets four parks every month to eventually cover all 122 of GAM’s parks.

“By the end of this year, we will have covered 12 parks,” Qattan said.

He explained that the renovations include installing new entrances, seating and playground equipment, in addition to repairing and refurbishing utilities, walls, playgrounds and stairs.

The project also entails providing the parks with more sanitation workers and enhancing security, Qattan added.

He noted that GAM has also carried out several campaigns to encourage citizens to look after the parks in their neighbourhoods.

“Because of these campaigns, people are cooperating with GAM and have begun working with us” to take care of the parks, he noted.

Last month, GAM renovated Jawa Park in Khreibet Al Souk, Kufr Raie Park in Bader, Ahali Park in Abdali and Mousa Sakit Park in Sweileh.

By the end of this year, GAM expects to rehabilitate Prince Hussein Ben Abdullah II Park in Basman, Wihda Park in Wadi Seer, Princess Rahmeh Park in Tlaa Al Ali, Manhal Park in Jubaiha, Fatima Zahraa Park in Marka, Shahid Park in Nasir, Khaleel Salem Park in Khreibet Al Souk and Qutaibah Ben Muslim Park in Basman.