11/17/2011 05:47

Cooperation with both countries to increase after WATEC 2011 conference on water, renewable energy and environmental control.
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Israel signed agreements with Taiwan and Kenya on the sidelines of the WATEC 2011 conference this week, which will see it increase water-technology cooperation with both countries.

The three-day international exhibition and conference on water, renewable energy and environmental control began Tuesday in Tel Aviv. This is the sixth year the exhibition has been been held.

Industry, Trade and Labor Ministry Director-General Sharon Kedmi and Taiwanese Vice Minister of Economy Jung-Chiou Hwang had signed two memoranda of understanding in the fields of water technologies and small and medium businesses on Wednesday.

The water agreement encompasses the fields of resource management, water purification, wastewater treatment, recycling and reuse, and irrigation.

Cooperation exist through exchange of experts and scholars, exchange of technologies and data, and conduct of joint seminars.

Industry, Trade and Labor Minister Shalom Simhon and Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga agreed Tuesday that Israel would assist the East African country in the areas of water-management technology, drip irrigation and wastewater treatment.

Israel had conquered the desert, he said, adding that climate change presented a wake-up call for Kenya in everything related to the way it manages its water.

Odinga also called for the two countries to expand bilateral trade.

WATEC also provided an opportunity for the expansion Israel’s ties with Moldova. National Infrastructures Minister Uzi Landau and Moldovan Deputy Environment Minister Rodion Bajureanu discussed water and energy.

Bajureanu said his country suffers from water-shortage issues, but Israel has already found solutions through desalination and sewage treatment.