5 Green economy is distribution of wealth not poverty (editorial by Najib Saab)

6 Green economy for the Arab future by Mohamed El-Ashry, vice chairman, AFED BoT, former CEO, Global Environment Facility (GEF)

16 Arab industries towards a low-carbon economy (cover story)

18 Managing our wastes (cover story)
20 Sustainable tourism in Arab countries (cover story)
22 Solar roofs in Abu Dhabi
26 Todgha gorges, a Moroccan natural marvel
30 Best wildlife photos of the year
40 Green economy in a changing Arab world annual conference of the Arab Forum for Environment and Development
55 AFED energy efficiency handbook
61 Green economy and climate change by Andrew Steer, special envoy on climate change/vice president of the World Bank
64 Green economy: transforming the crisis into an opportunity by H.E. José Maria Figueres, former president of Costa Rica, chairman of the Carbon War Room