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OECD Environmental Performance Reviews: Israel 2011

This is the first review of Israel’s environmental performance. It analyses Israel’s progress in achieving a range of national objectives and international commitments, and presents 41 recommendations on how its performance could be improved. Progress in greening the economy is part of the assessment.

The OECD Environmental Performance Reviews provide independent assessments of countries’ progress in achieving their environmental policy objectives in order to help improve individual and collective environmental performance.

The Highlights (also in French, Hebrew) present the main OECD findings. Click here for the full Assessment and Recommendations, as endorsed by OECD countries.


Towards Green Growth

In the first decade of the 2000s, Israel experienced strong economic and demographic growth. While it has managed to reduce some of the pressures on the environment, the country still faces some pressing and unique environmental challenges. Reviewed issues include:

* The interaction between economic growth and the environment
* The strategic framework for sustainable development and green growth
* Integrating environmental and fiscal policies
* Promoting environmental technologies, goods and services
* Corporate environmental responsibility and trade policy


Environmental management

In the last few years the government has promoted a more proactive approach to the development of environmental policy. The issues examined are:

* Environmental policy and institutional framework
* Environmental legislation and requirements
* Environmental compliance assurance
* Promoting environmental democracy
* Environmental management at the local level


International co-operation

The scope of Israel’s international and regional environmental co-operation considerably expanded during the review period, despite some geopolitical constraints. The issues reviewed include:

* Policy objectives and institutions for international environmental co-operation
* Bilateral co-operation and development assistance
* Regional co-operation
* Co-operation on global environmental issues
* Trade in environmentally sensitive goods



Water scarcity is a major concern in Israel, which is subject to arid and semi-arid climatic conditions. The key water quantity and quality trends are examined, along with the main components of Israel’s water policy including:

* The institutional and legal framework
* Efficient water quality management
* Efficient water use management
* Water and nature management
* Expenditure and financing


Biodiversity conservation and sustainable use

Israel’s biodiversity, while exceptionally rich, is subject to serious pressures from a range of sources. The report analyses the key biodiversity trends and reviews:

* Israel’s biodiversity policy and institutional framework
* Israel’s policy mix for conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity
* Progress in mainstreaming biodiversity into other sectors/policy areas


Climate change and air quality

Rapid demographic and economic growth, and the resulting increase in energy and transport demands, are the main factors underlying an increase in greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution in some areas. The issues under review include:

* Emissions performance and projections
* The policy framework addressing climate change and air pollution
* Cross-sectoral policy instruments
* Policies and measures in the energy sector, the transport sector and in other sectors


Waste management

Population growth, rising standards of living, and rapid industrial development are the major drivers of increasing waste generation. This report examines the key trends in waste generation and treatment and takes stock of Israel’s waste management policy, including:

* The policy and institutional setting
* Environmentally sound management of non-hazardous waste
* Hazardous and industrial waste management
* Initiatives addressing the impacts of contaminated sites


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