Environmental Protection Ministry warns of extreme levels of pollution; dust is expected to remain in the area until Wednesday.
By Zohar Blumenkrantz

Two Israeli airports were shut down Tuesday due to extreme weather conditions across the country.

Both Tel Aviv’s Sde Dov Airport as well as the Eilat Airport were shut down after Israel’s Environmental Protection Ministry warned that the air pollution that swept across the entirety of the country was dozens of times higher than average. Ben Gurion International Airport was still open despite the harsh weather.
Haze – Alon Ron – February 2012

Heavy haze hits Tel Aviv on Tuesday, February 7th.
Photo by: Alon Ron

According to the ministry, the pollution was a result of a low-pressure weather system over southern Greece, which caused a dust storm originating in North Africa to pass over Israel.

The dust is expected to remain in the area until Wednesday. The ministry suggests that people who suffer from heart or lung disease, as well as asthmatics, elderly people, children and pregnant woman refrain from strenuous physical activity.