The European Investment Bank (EIB)is supporting the international solidarity initiative for the Palestinian people, which aims to provide Gaza with an ambitious seawater desalination plant.

According to a press release, the EIB is offering its technical expertise on the technical definition of the project and its operating environment and for the management of grants made by the international community.

A press release said that the plant will eventually have a production capacity of 100 million m3 per year, complemented by a complete overhaul of the drinking water supply and distribution system for 1.6 million Gazans..

The seawater desalination plant is part of a discussion on the exploitation of non-conventional resources, such as the re-use of treated water for farming or industrial purposes or seawater desalination, which will take place at the 6th World Forum in Marseille from 12 to 17 March.

At the Forum, the EIB will be actively taking part in two other major discussion areas:

– Water and urban development
– Water and adapting to climate change

The EIB is the financial institution of the European Union, created by the Treaty establishing the European Community. The role of the EIB is to finance investments in support of EU policy objectives, complementing the corresponding Community assistance policies, programmes and instruments in the different regions, and continuously adapting its activities to developments in EU policies. The EIB financial arm in the Mediterranean region, the Facility for Euro-Mediterranean Investment and Partnership (FEMIP), aims at fostering private sector activities in Mediterranean Partner Countries, as a way to underpin growth and generate employment opportunities. (ENPI Info Centre)