Fourteen companies featured in Agritech 2012’s side event raise vast interest for foreign investors

Published: 05.31.12

The forecast of food and water scarcity was the focus of Agritech 2012, a summit gathering for Agro-technology companies and investors, held in mid May.

According to projections, the world’s population is expected to grow from seven billion today to nine billion in 2050, a growth of almost 30%.

Professor Eugene Kandel, head of the National Economic Council at the Prime Minister’s Office, outlined the leading agricultural arenas at Agrivest: Precision farming, food, machinery, livestock and aquaculture, animal protein production, seeds, fertilizers and pesticides.

According to Israel NewTech, the Agrivest Summit was the opening note for Agritech 2012, the 18th International Agricultural Technology Exhibition.

The prestigious event brought together both Israeli companies developing innovations in the field and investors looking for unique opportunities.

Agrivest was Israel NewTech’s brainchild and came to be with the collaboration of the Investment Promotion Center, Mofet Venture Accelerator Agritech 2012.

Fourteen startup companies in different technological areas presented at Agrivest, raising significant interest by foreign investors.

Ruzgar Barisik of the World Bank explained that the IFC pointed out that there is strong government support in Israel for companies at the initial stages, and so the IFC can find companies which have already proven initial viability and can accompany them to the next level, and also serve as a first strategic customer for them.

The Agritech event was held as a huge success, featuring over 250 exhibitors and attracting nearly 30,000 visitors.,7340,L-4234421,00.html