05/16/2012 02:24
“Saving-Profiting” plan promises up to 20% discount on summer electricity bills to those who significantly reduce electricity consumption.

The Public Utility Authority extended the registration period for a “Saving-Profiting” plan on Monday evening, which promises an up-to-20-percent discount on summer electricity bills to those who significantly reduce their electricity consumption, the body announced on Tuesday.

Prior to Monday night’s meeting, the reduction only applied to those who registered for such conservation efforts through May 31, but the authority decided to extend the deadline to July 1. Each registered consumer who reduces his or her electricity consumption for the summer months – June to September – by 15%-20% compared to the previous year will be eligible for discounts of 10% on their electricity bills for those months, the PUA said. Those who reduce their consumption by 20%-30% will receive electricity bill discounts of 20% for that period.

Consumers can register for the campaign through the Israel Electric Corporation’s website, according to the PUA.

Thus far, the IEC has reported over 17,000 registrants for the program; the corporation is still examining about 1,500 of these consumers to determine whether they are entitled to participate.

To encourage the public’s participation, the IEC will launch a massive advertisement campaign this week, after which the Public Utility Authority and the Energy and Water Ministry will issue publicity on the subject as well.

To ensure that residents are able to reduce their power consumption, the authorities recommend keeping home air conditioner units at 25º C or above, as well as sealing domestic spaces and curbing the use of power-hungry devices like dryers, electric water heaters and dishwashers, the authority said.

These recommendations have the support of Energy and Water Minister Uzi Landau, as a critical part of the ministry’s crusade to decrease electricity demand for the coming summer.