Operator of Ne’urim beach near Havatzelet Hasharon, has been holding private parties for years, though his permit doesn’t permit them.
By Zafrir Rinat | Jun.18, 2012

Residents of a small community on the central coastal plain say parties at the beach are too loud, and they’re demanding that the man responsible be forced to put an end to his bashes.

The operator of Ne’urim beach, which is adjacent to Havatzelet Hasharon, has been holding the large private parties there for years, although the permit he received from the regional council does not permit them.

Avi Dabush received the permit from the Emek Hefer Regional Council to operate a restaurant on the beach, in exchange for keeping the beach clean and well-maintained. The council said it needs him to do that because it hasn’t received necessary government funding to maintain the beach.

But the concession permit forbids most private events. Despite that, Dabush has apparently held private events such as wedding receptions and bar mitzvah parties at the beach in recent years. And despite a warning from the council last year, these events have continued. For example, a party was held there this past Thursday night.

Local residents who are disturbed by the loud partying are getting together to take legal action.

They are getting help from the environmental advocacy group, the Israel Union for Environmental Defense, who wrote a letter to the Emek Hefer Regional Council last month asking it to take action and stop the events.

“To the best of our knowledge, the regional council informed the concessionaire that it would not permit him to hold private events on the beach unless it is an event involving a public company with some association to the beach, and it is held during the day,” IUED wrote.

IUED also reminded the council that four years ago, the organization signed an agreement with the concessionaire of the nearby Michmoret beach and with the Emek Hefer Regional Council, which the court ordered accepted by all sides.

That agreement was the result of a larger case brought by environmental groups against the operators of Michmoret and other beaches where loud parties were being held.

The Emek Hefer Regional Council said it agrees that the parties Dabush has held at Ne’urim Beach over the past few days are in contradiction to his permit, and that it intends to go to court to obtain an order to stop them.

Dabush responded that as far as he knows, most residents are not bothered by the events. He also said he will be holding two or three events at the beach over the next few days “that were reserved a year ago and I have to hold them. After agreeing to the regional council’s demand that I not hold any more events, I have not taken any more reservations. The only events I hold have to do with marine activities.”

Nevertheless, Dabush’s internet site continues to operate, and states clearly that events such as weddings and bar mitzvah parties can be held at Ne’urim Beach.