United Arab Emirates: Sunday, June 03 – 2012

Source: AMEinfo.com

The Coca-Cola Company, the world’s largest beverage giant, launched the ‘Every Drop Matters’ programme across the UAE in cooperation with the Emirates Environmental Group (EEG) and the UNDP. The ‘Every Drop Matters’ programme helps increase understanding of water conservation issues in the UAE supported by UNDP Water Governance Programme and the Eurasia and Africa Group of the Coca-Cola Company.

This project aims to bring awareness on responsible water resource management for improved resilience to climate change and reduced emissions of greenhouse gases in Asia Pacific, East Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East.

“We are pleased to launch this programme in the UAE with the support from EEG and the Coca-Cola Company,” said Dr. Boğaçhan Benli, Global Program Manager of ‘Every Drop Matters’.

“We look forward to achieving our regional partnerships’ main objectives to increase access to safe drinking water and improve sanitation through the programme.”

The ‘Every Drop Matters’ programme in the UAE launches with the support of the EEG and encompasses consistent and in-depth advocacy and communication efforts towards raising awareness on water conservation. School contests, inter-college competitions, and teacher’s workshops are part of the initial introduction of ‘Every Drop Matters’ in the UAE, and will be implemented in different programs across the following countries: Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Palestinian territories.

“The UAE youth is speaking out about the importance of conserving water as a precious resource and calling out to the public to take not only responsibility but action towards protecting the climate,” said Habiba Marashi, Chairman of Emirates Environmental Group.

“The ‘Every Drop Matters’ programme is a call to action for everyone out there, because they all have a stake in their own future as well as future generations. It has been an exceptional and refreshing journey for those who have come in contact with this inspirational programme.”

‘Every Drop Matters’ contributes in stimulating adaptation to climate change and expanding access to environmental services for the poor. The programme supports the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals through improved access to water and sanitation, a fundamental key in social and economic development.

Since its inception, ‘Every Drop Matters’ has increased access to safe drinking water for an estimated 150,000 people per year. The programme utilizes environmentally sound industrial technologies that also create awareness on responsible water resource management.

“The Coca-Cola Company is committed in promoting water management programmes, which is a common goal for our longstanding partners, the EEG and UNDP.” said Antoine Tayyar, Public Affairs and Communication Director of Coca-Cola Middle East.

We aim to become water neutral everywhere we are present by returning the equivalent amount that is used on beverage production back to nature. Last year was a great success for the ‘Every Drop Matters’ programme and we will continue to support the implementation of it in 2012 across the Middle East.”

The United Nations Development Programme and the Coca-Cola Company sealed their partnership in 2006 with the same goal to improve access to safe drinking water initiatives globally.

The ‘Every Drop Matters’ programme was a regional partnership that started in East Europe and has now arrived to the Middle East and Asia Pacific regions.

The water management activities from the ‘Every Drop Matters’ programme aided six countries in the Middle East last year including UAE, Bahrain, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, and Iraq.