Ministerial Legislative Committee mulls proposal to form designated judicial body to handle environmental violations, legislation

Tova Tzimuki
Published: 06.14.12

The Ministerial Legislative Committee has recently discussed a proposal to form a judicial body that will focus solely on environmental issues.

The proposal was brought before the committee by MK Dov Khenin (Hadash).


Khenin suggested forming the environmental court, said that a designated body will upgrade the status of such claims, enable legislative specialization, enable the State to better protect the environment, nature, wildlife and natural resources; and also help clear the dockets of the lower instances.

“The various expressions of environmental violations in Israel today mandate the legislator to adopt a different method of dealing with environmental issues,” MK Khenin said.

Many countries have already formed an environmental court and “There is no reason for Israel not to follow suit,” he added.,7340,L-4240483,00.html