Baking yeast manufacturer ordered to pay for exceeding its water pollution allowance by 300%; company to appeal fine

Billie Frenkel
Published: 06.12.12,

Paka Industries, which produces the popular baking yeast brand “Shimrit,” was slapped with a NIS 2.6 million (roughly $670,000) fine for polluting the ocean, Ynet learned.

The Environmental Protection Ministry imposed the fine following tests that indicated that the company pumped untreated waste, including materials that exceeded regulated levels by 4o%-300%, into Israel’s ocean.

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According to the ministry, Paka also failed to provide it with periodic reports, as stipulated by its waste-disposal permits.

The ministry’s probe into the matter found that the company was liable for significantly exceeding wastewater disposal quotas granted in its permits, including pumping untreated brine into the ocean, failing to uphold proper maintenance of its brine containers, and failing to file updated reports as to the chemical breakdown of its brines.

“Israel’s beaches and shoreline are natural resources that belong to the public. We will not allow industries to pollute them simply to increase their profits,” Environmental Protection Minister Gilad Erdan said.

“Imposing fines is a tool that allows us to act quickly and efficiently against polluting industries, without being dragged through legal hearings for years.”

The company was given 60 days to appeal the fine. The amount is slated to be paid to the Marine Pollution Prevention Fund.

Paka Industries issues the following statement: “The company lends the Environmental Protection Ministry its full cooperation with full transparency, and was therefore very surprised to learn that it will be fined.

“Paka Industries is sure that once it presents its case, the Environmental Protection Ministry will revise its stand and withdraw the fine.”,7340,L-4239298,00.html