Minister Erdan orders gas stations to install fume reduction systems by end of 2015

Billie Frenkel
Published: 08.08.12

All of Israel’s gas stations will be made to install fume reduction systems by the end of 2015, the Environmental Protection Ministry said Sunday.

The ministry said that the new regulations are a somewhat late addition to Israeli law, as they are already customary in the United States and Europe.

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Only 400 gas stations in Israel, mostly those located close to residential areas, have installed such systems.

According to the ministry, the new regulations will reduce fumes by 90%. A violation of the regulations will be punishable by up to six months in jail and a NIS 450,000 (roughly $115,000) fine.

The regulations also stipulate the installation of monitoring systems as well as regular inspections meant to ensure the systems’ proficiency. Gas stations will also be made to install backup system to shut down the pumps in case of a system failures.

Environment Protection Minister Gilad Erdan said that given the toxic nature of gas fumes and their detrimental effect on both the environment and people’s health Israel must address the issue as other progressive nations worldwide do.,7340,L-4265228,00.html