Israel Corporation completes building of largest power plant in Peru, manufacturing 870 megawatts – approximately 20% of country’s power – maintaining environmentally friendly methods

Tom Ziv
Published: 08.12.12

Five years after starting construction, the Israel Corporation has completed the integrated circuit in the power plant in Kallpa, Peru. Close to $650 were invested in the plant, and it is now the largest electricity generation site in Peru, providing approximately 20% of the state’s electricity consumption.

With the opening of the new powerhouse, the Israel Corp. will be responsible for 40% of the generation of electric power in Peru.

Increasing power, getting to around 870 megawatts, has been done without the use of additional fuels that might pollute the environment. The generation of power was made using natural gas, already in use in Kallpa.

The Kallpa plant supplies power to Peru’s mining industry, factories, and the private sector, accumulating to some 40% of Peruvian power supply. At the same time, Israel Corp. continues to promote its hydro project in Peru – producing electricity by using river flow, in an estimated cost of $900 and power generation of 500 megawatts.,7340,L-4266987,00.html