Water Authority to increase water quotas allotted to agriculture by 25 million cubic meters; similar quantity allocated for river restoration projects

Chen Pundak, Calcalist
Published: 10.11.12

The Water Authority has granted a petition by the Israel’s Farmers Federation for increased water quotas in 2013, approving an additional 25 million cubic meters for agriculture.

Following the approval, agricultural water quotas will increase from 455M/m³ to 480M/m³.
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The Water Authority also appropriated 25 million cubic meters for the restoration of dried riverbeds.

The Water Authority said that the appropriations were made possible due to a significant increase in the quantities of desalinated water; as well as increased water efficiency and consumption by the public.

The authority further noted favorable quantities of graywater production, which is used exclusively in agriculture.

Israel currently has three water desalination facilities, with a fourth set to become operational in 2013. The Water Authority predicts it will be able to double its graywater production capacity.

But these improvements do not necessarily spell a decrease in water prices for the end-consumer in the private sector.

The Water Authority believes it will have no choice but to raise water rates again, this time by up to 5%, although the decision is not final. Water rates were increased by 1.7% in July.