October 12, 2012

BEIRUT: Environment Minister Nazem Khoury launched Thursday a national campaign to reduce air pollution, saying that the transportation sector is its primary source. In a speech at the Environment Ministry, Khoury said that the ministry has decided to support “The National Campaign For Air Pollution Reduction in Lebanon Through Efficient Energy Use in Land Transportation” because it is the main source of air pollution. “Thus, we are in dire need to conduct research and scientific studies to develop it [the transportation sector],” Khoury added. The minister said there is one car for every three Lebanese. The project is organized by the IPT Energy Center and supported by the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia and the United Nations Development Program. Khoury called on other partners of the ministry in the private and public sectors to support this initiative. “We promise we will provide them with the support and coordination we provided to IPT.” =

A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Daily Star on October 12, 2012, on page 4.

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