RAMALLAH, October 18, 2012 (WAFA) – With the fund of $220,000 from Japan, the Agricultural Engineers Home Society (AEHS) built a local compost production plant to produce about 1,050 tons of compost of a very good quality and affordable price on an annual basis, said a press release by Representative Office of Japan.

Japan’s Ambassador for the Palestinian Affairs and the Representative of Japan to the PA, Matsuura Junya, attended the opening ceremony of the project titled “Establishing a Compost Production Plant in Jericho Agricultural District.”

The release stated the importance of the project is because at least 1,800 agricultural households in Jericho governorate will use the produced compost. “Thus, improving the agricultural sector in that area though assisting farmers to increase the agricultural productivity, and improving food security among Palestinian people.”

AEHS built this plant on a five dunums of land owned by the Arab Development Society, procured the needed agricultural machineries and equipments and installed them inside the barracks.

Junya emphasized Japan’s firm commitment of supporting the Palestinian people from human security perspective and the importance of implementing social and economic development projects needed for Palestinian communities.

The project was funded by the Government of Japan in 2011, through its Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP) and implemented by AEHS in cooperation with the Arab Development Society (ADS).