Resident of Menashe Regional Council launch campaign to stop construction of new airstrip; say it will cause insufferable noise, air pollution, harm quality of life

Danny Sadeh
Published: 11.15.12

The residents of the Menashe Regional Council, east of Hadera, have launched a campaign to stop the construction of the nearby Ein Shemer airfield, saying it will significantly harm their quality of life.

The Ein Shemer airfield project, promoted by the Transportation Ministry, is meant to help alleviate the light-plane flight load of Sde Dov in Tel Aviv and the Herzliya airfield, and is meant to be used by several flight schools.
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The residents of the Menashe Regional Council claim that the new airfield will cause both air and noise pollution. “There’s no reason to build this airfield here. The residents of Ramat Aviv are no better than the residents of Menashe,” Deputy Council Head Michal Shaked told Yedioth Aharonoth.

“We will fight this place, because it will ruin our quality of life. There is no reason to transfer light-plane activities to this area.”

A campaign activist added: “We’ll have planes flying over our heads all the time. Our schools will be disrupted by the news and the environmental pollution created by all the traffic that will come to the area at all hours of the day, will change our reality.”

The Menashe Regional Council is home to 14,000 people in 10 kibbutzim, seven moshavim, three Arab villages and one community settlement.,7340,L-4300861,00.html