Tzipi Livni’s new party present environmental agenda prompted by party member and Green Movement chair


Tzipi Livni’s Hatnua Party presented its environmental platform last week, ahead of the nearing elections.

The party’s green platform is promoted by Green Movement Chairman Alon Tal, who is No. 13 on Hatnua’s Knesset list.

The party’s environmental agenda calls for creating a sustainable, long-term blueprint for Israel’s energy market and setting clear environmental goals, as well as promoting the protection and preservation of the country’s natural resources.

The party’s green platform also supports a public transportation reform, protecting open spaces and public access to beaches; as well as promoting a new cleantech industry development scheme.

“As a professor of environmental policy, I can honestly say this is the most comprehensive, creative and ambitious environmental platform ever introduced by a major political party in Israel,” Tal told reporters.

“We are presenting a strategic link between out two movements with aim of making a change in Israel,” Livni added.

The change, she added, “Has to do with more that just an additional Knesset seat – it is promoting the issues and values that the two parties believe in.

“Israel lags behind over other developed countries on environmental issues and it’s time for us – together with the Green Movement – to change that.”

According to Livni and Tal, the party aspires to eventually pass “basic law – environmental protection”; which will joins Israel’s other Basic Laws, meant to serve as the country’s future constitution.,7340,L-4322872,00.html