Experimental, NIS 11 million project to explore purification of lands, water in old Military Industry compound in central Israel ahead of its relocation, area’s rezoning for residential projects

Avital Laha
Published: 11.29.12

The Israel Land Administration will invest NIS 11 million (about $2.83 million) in an experimental project to purify underground water running under the Israel Military Industry (IMI) complex in Ramat Hasharon, in central Israel.

The pilot project, promoted by the Defense and Finance ministries, the ILA and the Water Authority, will explore ways to reclaim the water, as part of the efforts to relocate the complex and reappropriate the area for residential building.

IMI’s decades-long operations in the area are believed to have caused severe land and underground water pollution in the area.

Should the pilot prove successful, funds amounting to NIS 600 million ($154.25 million) will be allocated to reclaim the land and underground water across the entire compound.

The project will be funded partially by the State and partially by the Defense Ministry. The final budget division will be decided by the Treasury by July 2014.

The government seeks to rezone the area for residential building of 23,000 housing units by 2020.