by Taylor Luck | Jan 12, 2013 | 21:21

AMMAN — Dozens of activists demonstrated in several cities on Friday to protest against what they called a “poor response” by officials to last week’s winter weather.

Under the slogan “Your corruption is drowning us,” tens of activists hit the streets in Zarqa, Tafileh, Maan and Aqaba to criticise authorities’ handling of heavy rain and snowfall that led to the closure of several roads, caused nearly 1,000 accidents and left several regions across the country without electricity.

During the rallies, organised by the leftist National Coalition for Change and Reform, participants pointed to the poor drainage and washed-out asphalt on the Kingdom’s roads this weekend as “proof” of wider corruption in the public works sector, chanting: “The people demand an end to corruption.”

Activists also raised questions about the tender process for road construction and maintenance projects, accusing officials of “selling Jordan’s roads and safety” to “the highest bidder”.

Meanwhile, some 100 protesters gathered in the east Amman neighbourhood of Hay Al Tafaileh to call for wider political reform and protest the “lack of preparation” for last week’s snowstorm.

During the rally, activists vowed to continue anti-corruption protests, chanting: “We will continue despite the cold and the snow.”

Protesters also called on citizens to take part in a planned anti-elections rally in the capital on January 18 and urged voters not to take part in the upcoming parliamentary polls.

Despite warmer temperatures on Friday, activists postponed a planned demonstration in downtown Amman, leaving the capital’s commercial hub free of protests for the first time in nearly two months.